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    As a new beader, the information I have gotten has been great! Thank you so much for all your time and information!

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    Discover the Absolute BEST Way To End Your Beaded Jewelry. The 'finish' or ending separates the amateur from the pro. Learn these professional techniques and keep your beaded work secure for years to come..

    Learn How To Correct Beading Mistakes. This powerful little trick will help you avoid costly mistakes.

    Discover How To Decode Bead Sizes. It's not as confusing as you might think. We show you a quick and easy way to understand bead sizing that will take the mystery out of reading your next pattern.

    Should I Use Beading Thread Or Another Stringing Material? Some materials last longer than others. Some materials are better suited to certain types of projects. We'll share with you which materials work best and when to use them..

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    How To Use Crimps For A Professional Finish. Understanding how to properly use crimps will help you get a professional finish. This one tip alone can make the difference between a professional looking finish that sells and a finish that screams amateur.

    What Basic Tools Will You Need? Learn which tools will make you a better beader. Discover when to purchase them and which ones you should avoid.

    The Hidden Truth About Wrapped Loops. When should you choose to use a wrapped loop? Will any piece of beading wire work? How can you decide what size to use?

    What's The Difference Between Czech Fire-Polish & Swarovski? Learn what the pros know about the different types of beads and how they tell the difference.

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    Discover How To Identify Low-Risk Dyed Beads. Not all dyed beads are bad. We'll show you how can you determine which ones to choose.

    Discovering Multi-Strand Clasps. Learn how your design helps you identify which multi-strand clasp to select. Discover the basic multi-strand clasp types and configurations.

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