Beading Lessons – Beading With Glass Seed Beads


Seed beads are tiny beads that are often used to accessorize different beading projects. They are made from all types of beading materials and the most widely known material for seed beads is glass. Glass seed beads are used in beading in many different ways.

They are used in between large beads in making various beading designs; they are also used as spacers after a crimp before inserting the main bead. Most often, they are used to finish a beaded accessory or use it as an end bead. Other beading techniques that used glass seed beads is often stringing them to form a multi-stranded beaded accessory and peyote stitching with the use of five to seven strands to form a bulk necklace or bracelet.

Glass seed beads for beading are commonly made from manipulated glasses which are wounded to form tiny beads. They are heated to a point that glass bead makers are able to mold them into small beads. They come in different color and design but most of the time, their shape remains from round to rice grain shaped glass seed beads. Overtime, beaded accessory have learned to make different accessories from glass seed beads. Let us explore some of the most elegant looking beading accessories made from different glass seed beads.

Glass Seed beading

The main difference between a conventional seed bead from glass seed bead is the process of making the beads. What make glass seed beads unique is that they are handmade and some glass seed beads have intricate designs that are crafted by skilled glass bead makers. Although seed beads appear to be small, threading them in bulk can create a very elegant and complex beading design. They are very versatile because they can be converted into almost any type of beaded accessory.

Various necklace, bracelets, earrings and pendants can be made from glass seed beads that are very colorful and stylish as well. Aside from using a multi looped clasp for multi strand beading, a single metal ring can be used to make an elegant glass beads. A long threaded glass beads can be stitched in a manner that the color combinations are emphasized. Beading stitches are used to create beautiful beaded accessories with the use of large beads. Some bead makers often make pendants made from seed beads. Three dimensional beading is applied to create a heart shaped pattern or star shaped beaded pendant that is entirely made from seed beads. Overall, seed beads are the most widely used beads in beading and almost all beading projects the uses gems and other precious stones makes use of a glass seed bead.

Buying glass seed beads

In buying glass seed beads, it is important to choose a neutral colored or solid colored glass seed beads. This way, they can be used in almost all types of beading project. There are different glass seed beads according to shapes and they are all used to enhance a beading design. Look for the best deals of glass seed beads in your local bead shop and learn to start beading with the use of glass seed beads.

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