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One of the most popular beading stitches used to create wonderful beading designs is brick stitching. This type of beading stitch makes use of smaller or seed beads to form a ladder like design.

Most often, people mistakenly think of this stitch as peyote. This is because a brick stitch has the same characteristic of a peyote stitch but the big difference between the two is in the manner of stitching. Compared to peyote stitch that starts with a long strand of beads to create the first and second layer, a brick stitch is more compact and the assembly of the beads is sturdier because of its stitching method. Brick stitching in beading is mostly use in making large accessories using heavier beads. This is because the compact design and secured method of stitching can hold securely large bulks of beads and pendants. Brick stitching is a very interesting technique of beading that requires more time to acquire the skill. Let us learn more about brick stitching for beading as we proceed with this article.

How to do a brick stitch for beading

Brick stitch creates a brick like appearance consequently why its name brick was derived. The brick or ladders like characteristic of brick stitch require a lot of skills in beading as well as the use of needles. Here are some of the basic steps in begin with brick stitching for beading.

1.    For beginners, it is advised that you make use of a bead tied on a thread to secure the whole beading project. This will prevent the beads from falling off the string. On the other hand, expert bead makers can simply tie a knot at the end of the bead. Most often, an overhand knot works best for securing the beads and prevents them from falling off the string.

2.    Start the beading assembly with the next bead of your choice according to your chosen beading pattern. Place the bead through the thread aligning the first bead.

3.    Loop the thread coming out of the second bead going down the first bead where you initially placed the thread. Tighten the loop by pulling the thread and make that both beads are side by side.

4.    From the loop that you’ve made, the thread coming out from the first bead then goes through the second bead beginning at the top hole going down to the bottom hole.

5.    Add another bead and repeat the same beading steps as you go along. Making a loop on the previous bead, instead of the first one.

Overall, brick stitch beading is not all that complicated of beading technique. It just requires practice in mastering the intricate threading styles. There are various beading tutorials that offer beading lessons which include brick stitching.

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