Tips To Start Thinking About Your Own Patterns


A person who loves to thread different types of beads to create a one of a kind beading pattern is considered to be artistic in some ways. However, don't forget that in reality, beading patterns do not have any strict rules to follow. A person who makes beaded necklaces and bracelets and other accessories such as a purse or bag rely on his or her artistic instinct in creating different beading patterns. However, others say that the beading patterns created by an individual would reflect on the individual's personality. For this reason, good beading patterns are going to vary from person to person depending on the person's personality. Beading patterns are usually composed of different beads that vary according to size, shape, color and material.

The use of different beading patterns started in the ancient times. Commonly used by queens and kings to show their authority and as an added accessory to add glamour to their clothing. It is believed that beading patterns used by well known leaders in the past are considered to be good beading patterns because of its sophisticated and elegant designs. Also, artistic and complicated patterns are unique to each area and ear and in some ways that makes them difficult to replicate. So how wehre to you start if you want to create good beading patterns?

Basic beading patterns

The most basic beading patterns that we usually encounter are commonly designed out from animals and nature. Beading patterns of elephants, tigers, waterfalls, sunsets and mountains and other horizons are one of the most common beading patterns made. Although these designs are simple, the artistic instinct of the bead patterns artist can make these designs really sing.

Ideally, good beading patterns would basically start from a simple design and enhancing it through the use of different beaded material and colorful beads to add glamour to the design. On the other hand, beading patterns for necklaces and bracelets would vary depending on the color combination. It is essential to carefully choose which color is best paired. We cover creating your own designs in Section 1 of our video couses.

How to practice making good beading patterns

For beginners, it is advisable to start making simple beading patterns then gradually make each design complicated. Starting with a single design and slowly incorporate other beads which has designs on it to make the accessory more stylish. A bead board can be a very useful tool when it comes to laying out your design.

Also, in making beading patterns for purses or handbags, it is better to stick with a single color or two because too much can would make the beading patterns over colored which sometimes takes away from the classic nature of beaded accessories. Overall, good beading patterns are something unique to every bead accessory maker. If you are trying to make your own beading patterns, make sure to stick with simplicity and allow your artistic instincts to take over. It is better to make a simple yet beautiful beading pattern rather than a complicated one which takes away from the piece you're designing.

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