Beading Caps Used in Beadwork

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Beading enthusiasts have many options for designing their projects. Aside from making creative bead patterns and combinations, enthusiasts can also opt to choose specific tools that can enhance the appearance of a piece of jewelry. One such tool is the bead cap.

Many bead caps are made from metal in various shapes and colors, including black, gold, silver, and bronze. The most commonly used bead caps today are cone-shaped. These caps are typically used to add a decorative frame to beads. The cap fits snugly over the top of the bead, highlighting the bead's design or features.

By putting caps on both ends of a bead, bead caps can be used for highlighting a single bead. This technique usually works for larger beads, but smaller, well-designed beads can be fitted with bead caps as well. Aside from highlighting beads, bead caps can also be used to neatly bring together multiple strands of jewelry for easier and neater attachment to a single clasp.

Bead caps also come in a variety of sizes, so beading enthusiasts can easily pick the bead cap that matches the size of the beads they'll be using. The smallest bead caps are usually at two millimeters, while the largest can reach up to seven millimeters. It's important that the bead caps are smaller than the beads, to prevent the cap from dwarfing the bead.
There are many variations of bead caps that can be used for highlighting the bead’s design. These types of bead caps are best for beaded necklaces and bracelets. Bead caps used for earrings often come in a conical shape. Called filigree caps, these caps are commonly used in making beaded earrings. Many of these caps are made from sterling silver and gold-plated metal because of these materials' elegant appearance.

When choosing the right bead cap for your beaded jewelry project, it's best to consider the bead cap's abilities in framing the beads you'll be using. Bean caps in dome and cone shapes basically fit the same type of beads, since both types have a circular base. It's all a matter of choosing the bead cap that best suits the design of the beads used in the project.

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