Findings Used in Making Beaded Earrings


A lot of components are used to create beadwork projects involving jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets. Many of these components are small metal parts called findings. The type of findings used in a beaded jewelry project usually depends on the piece of jewelry being created. Bracelets and necklaces, for instance, would need clasps so they can be securely worn.

Making beaded earrings requires the use of a different type of findings, since earrings typically don't have clasps. There are various types of findings used for beading earrings. Such findings may be made from expensive type of metals, which are more durable than filled metals. If you're a beginner at beadwork and you want to try your hand at creating a pair of beaded earrings, here are some types of findings you should know about.

The most basic findings used in earrings are earring hooks. These hooks have open loops that go through the piercing in the wearer's ear. Earring hooks are commonly used for making dangling beaded earrings. Many types of earring hooks are available today, including French wire hooks, shepherd hooks, lever-backs, and looped wires.

Other beaded earring styles have earring posts instead of earring hooks. An earring post is a metallic pole that's usually used with a butterfly-style nut that holds the earring in place. Earring posts are used for more compact earring designs because heavier designs may cause the earring post to slip out of the wearer's earlobe.

Ear clips are findings used to create beaded earrings for people who don't have pierced ears. The clips can be easily snapped onto the earlobe. Ear threaders or earring threads are long pieces of fine chain that can be passed through the earlobe so that the chain hangs on both sides of the ear. Both ear clips and ear threaders usually have miniature loops on one end for holding dangling wires of beads.

There are also earrings that are composed of hoops. These findings are usually used together with earring hooks. Hoops are considered to be among the most versatile earring findings because these come in different sizes, with various functions. Beads can be threaded on the hoop itself and additional dangles can be hung on the hoop as well.

The right earring finding to use often depends on the design you want to achieve. Once you determine the shape and style of the beaded earrings you want to make, you'll know which earring finding to use.

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  1. Tedko
    September 3, 2013 2:56 pm

    I don’t use anything else. But if you watend to, there are little silver or gold posts with a tiny loop at the bottom that you could put the hoop through. I prefer the look of just the hoop going through my ear, though.

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