Storing and Sorting Beading Materials


Many beading enthusiasts accumulate a vast assortment of beads, findings, thread, and wire through their years of doing beadwork projects. Without proper organization, it can be difficult for enthusiasts to locate the materials they need for beadwork. In some cases, just locating the the needed materials can consume a lot of precious time and effort.

For this reason, various methods of organizing bead materials have been devised for people who have trouble storing materials for their beadwork projects. Here are some ideas on how to store and sort beading materials.

One of the best storage containers for beading materials, whether small seed beads or larger beads, is a transparent, box-shaped container. These containers are widely available in many crafts stores today and are usually made from plastic. These containers typically contain small compartments that can help in organizing beads and findings by type, size, or color.

Some containers can also be stacked to save space; the containers' transparent sides allow the owner to see the interior of a container without necessarily unstacking the containers.

Some beading enthusiasts believe that an organized bead container makes it easier for them to complete their beading projects. This may be because all the materials needed can be easily located and because they can easily see how each type of bead would appear when paired with other beads.

Another method of storing beads is using round, transparent containers with compartments that have lids. This storage method is more ideal for larger beads that are around a centimeter in diameter.

For people who are new to beading, a simple tool box works great in storing small quantities of beading materials. Tool boxes often already come with compartments that are useful for sorting beads and findings. However, tool boxes have a limited number of compartments, so these are not suitable for huge numbers of beading materials. Tool boxes can also be used for equipment such as pliers and cutters.

Aside from having a number of compartments, containers for storing beading materials should also be secure against moisture and air. Exposure to the elements can affect the shape, texture, and color of some bead types. To locate storage containers that are specially made for beading materials, it's best to visit craft stores or search for these containers online.

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