The Benefits of Using Memory Wire in Beading

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In many beadwork projects, the beads are supported by thread or wire, either of which are vital in setting a beaded item's structure. There are many types of thread and wire available to beading enthusiasts today, although memory wire remains to be a unique material.

Memory wire is made from tempered stainless steel. This material's name is derived from its capability to retain its shape over a number of years, as long as no excessive force is applied to it. Due to its rigid features, memory wire is often very difficult to bend and even more difficult to cut. This is why beading experts recommend using heavy-duty wire cutters for cutting memory wire.

Memory wire is available in different colors and various degrees of thicknesses. Due to its many types, memory wire can be used for small beads, large beads, beads with smooth drill holes, and beads with rough drill holes. Memory wire can also be easily used for multi-layered bracelets and necklaces, since the wire comes in spiral form. Many veteran makers of beaded jewelry prefer to use memory wire because of its adjustability and versatility.

Making beaded jewelry with memory wire

The first thing to do in using memory wire in beading is to figure out the design or structure of the piece of jewelry. Is the bracelet or necklace going to be a simple loop or is the piece of jewelry going to have multiple layers? Most pieces of memory wire come in twelve-layer spirals, so the wire can be easily cut into lengths with the preferred number of layers.

Bracelets made from memory wire can be made with multiple layers; in fact, many of these bracelets come with three or more layers that form intricate designs. However, necklaces made from memory wire are usually made from only one loop of spiral wire, since this type of design looks best on the wearer. Many of these necklaces feature pendants, as well.

Most types of beads can be used on memory wire, since the wire is built to be sturdy. Even heavy metal beads can be safely strung on memory wire. Stoppers may be needed to prevent the beads from slipping off the wire, although clasps are often unnecessary since the a piece of jewelry made from memory wire retains its rigid shape.

Memory wire offers a lot of potentials when it comes to designing beaded jewelry. Different beads and jewelry materials can be combined to create an attractive piece of beaded jewelry with the use of memory wire.

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