The Benefits of Using Silver in Making Jewelry

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Aside from gold, silver is the second most commonly used metal in making jewelry. Sterling silver is widely used in jewelry making because it is more durable than fine silver. Fine silver is softer in composition and is made from ninety-nine percent silver. Since sterling silver contains only approximately ninety-three percent of silver, with the remaining 7% made from other metals. This impurity gives sterling silver its distinct strength, making it ideal for jewelry making.

Just like gold, sterling silver jewelry is expensive because most pieces are handmade. This is how embellishments such as coils, filigrees, and dots are integrated in silver beads and findings. The designs are improved once the silver is polished and finished for use in creating jewelries. This enhances the decorative details of the pieces of silver jewely, giving it a distinct appearance.

Sterling silver is mostly made in Thailand and these pieces are sold according to their weight. These silver pieces are turned into bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and pendants to be sold to buyers.

Silver jewelry is usually durable, but prolonged use can affect its finish and reduce its shine. Fortunately, this can be prevented. Here are some special tips on keeping silver jewelry and ornaments from fading.

Over time, silver items can turn dark and tarnish. This is commonly caused by various factors in the environment. Other silver items such as kitchen utensils are easier to clean through scrubbing. However, silver jewelry cannot be properly cleaned through conventional cleaning methods. This is why using special methods of preserving silver jewelry is important in keeping the jewelry from tarnishing.

Since humid weather conditions and other environmental factors cause silver jewelry to tarnish, silver jewelry can be stored in a box to prevent discoloration. These days, there are also many solutions especially formulated to remove discoloration on silver jewelry. However, some of these solutions contain very strong chemicals, whch can alter the composition of the metal. To prevent this from happening, make sure to read the instructions on the box or label before applying any solution to silver jewelry.

Making silver jewelry shine doesn't necessarily require the use of invasive chemicals. In many cases, a simple mixture of soap and water does the job. However, some new types of sterling silver today have the ability to resist any form of discoloration. A metal called germanium is mixed into silver to make the pieces tarnish-free.

Since sterling silver is made from the right ratio of silver to other metals to improve its strength, sterling silver is most often used to make finding for making jewelry. This prevents the findings from tarnishing and enhances the findings' durability. Sterling silver findings usually last through years of frequent use.

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