Tools for Getting Started with Beading

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Beadwork can be a complex process that requires the use of complicated-looking tools. This may be true for intricate beading projects, but basic beadwork can be completed through the use of only some basic tools. These basic tools can provide great help when it comes to making beaded jewelry or ornaments; in fact, these tools are used in almost all beading projects, not just the simple ones.

As an individual gains more beading skills, he or she can move on to using more complicated beading tools. If you're just starting out with beadwork, though, some basic tools will be all you need for your projects. Here's a short list of the basic tools needed for beadwork.

Cutting tools – The cutting tool most commonly used in making beaded accessories and ornaments is a reliable pair of scissors. Most pairs of scissors designed for household use would do the trick, but experts say that smaller scissors with elongated tips are best at cutting thread. It's also best if a pair of scissors is exclusively used for beading projects; this maintains the scissors' sharpness.

Bending pliers – The pliers used in beading are crimp pliers, long nose pliers, and flat nose pliers. Pliers are the perfect companion for beading enthusiasts because they make bead handling easier.

Cutters – Cutters are different from cutting tools. Cutters are used to cut harder bead materials such as wires, crimps, and chains. Cutters have a stronger cutting ability that is best for cutting metals.

Sorting dish – Creating beadwork projects can be easier if the beads are placed in a sorting dish. Sorting dishes come in a variety of shapes, although triangle-shaped dishes are easier to find. The dishes are often made from plastic, glass, or ceramic tile.

Measuring tools – A ruler and a tape measure are helpful for measuring lengths of thread or wire, as well measuring bead length.

These tools are the most basic beading tools that beading enthusiasts must have. Make sure that you have these beading tools to make beadwork easier and more convenient.

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