Top Tips for Using Beading Thread


Thread is an indispensable part of many beading projects. Most types of beadwork use thread to provide shape and structure to beaded items, whether jewelry or ornaments. Thread can be a little tricky to handle, though, especially for beginners. Situations where knotting and tangling are common among beading newbies.

Knowing some important tips for using beading thread can be helpful in any beaded project. To help beginners with the problems they encounter with beading thread, here are some useful tips and solutions for concerns relating to beading thread.

1. Many beginners at beading always wonder the appropriate length of thread to use in beadwork projects. Some veteran beading enthusiasts prefer to use longer lengths of threads to avoid running out of thread. However, using a longer length of thread also increases the risk of having the thread tangled. It's advised to use twice the prescribed length of thread for a project, just so allowances can be made. To prevent the thread from getting tangled, secure the remaining thread by winding it around a spool.

2. Removing unwanted knots can be a bit tricky. Some people would prefer cutting off the knotted area rather make efforts in figuring out how to undo the knot. Beading experts use one trick to untie knots: when a knot appears on the length of thread, insert a needle into the center of the knot. Use another needle to loosen up the knot until the knot can be loosened up by hand. Using beeswax is another method of preventing tangles and knots.

3. Preventing thread splits is important in beading. A spliced thread would waste time and effort in unraveling the split thread and using another length of thread. To avoid splitting the thread, the needle must not touch the thread. Insert the needle into the bead hole and gently lift the thread to make space for the needle. This way, you can prevent hitting the thread with a needle.

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