Types of Beading Clasps

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An important step in any beading project is choosing the best clasp to use for your beadwork. The clasp is an indispensable part of any piece of beaded jewelry, since it ensures that the piece of jewelry stays around the wearer's neck, wrist, or ankle.

There are no set rules when it comes to choosing an appropriate clasp for a piece of beaded jewelry. Beading enthusiasts can choose any clasp they want, as long as the clasp is functional. There are various types of clasp available today. A hook clasp, for instance, features a ring and a hook to secure the jewelry. Other clasp types include toggle clasps and magnetic clasps; each clasp type uses its own mechanism to secure two ends of a beaded necklace or bracelet.

In some cases, a clasp can also affect the overall look of a piece of beaded jewelry. This is why many beading enthusiasts choose clasps that suit the appearance of the jewelry they're making. A chain-type charm bracelet, for instance, may look better with an appropriately sized toggle chain. Clasps in gold, silver, and bronze colors are also available, so jewelry makers can also choose clasps in colors that match their works.

To help beading enthusiasts out, here's a list of the most commonly used clasps .

1. Magnetic clasps – A magnetic clasp uses the opposite sides of a magnet to secure a piece of beaded jewelry. Basically, this clasp is best for use in jewelry that's intended to be easy and convenient to put on. However, a downside of using a magnetic clasp is its tendency to detach easily.

2. Toggle clasp – A toggle clasp features a ring and a pin with a length that's longer than the diameter of the ring. Once the pin is inserted into and secured against the ring, the ends of the piece of jewelry are firmly secured. Toggle clasps are commonly used in chunkier pieces of beaded jewelry that have a looser fit on the wearer.

3. Spring rings – The spring ring is one of the most versatile clasps to use in beading projects. This clasp is mostly used in smaller pieces of jewelry that can be put on with one hand. This clasp also comes in a wide variety of sizes; the smaller sizes are perfectly suited for finer pieces of beaded jewelry.

4. Multi-stranded clasps – This clasp is the most popular type of clasp for making fancy beaded jewelry. They are best for necklaces and bracelets that have different beading strand designs.

Generally, in choosing the best clasp, beading experts suggest considering the durability and reliability of the clasp. The clasp's appearance must also be considered, to ensure that a piece of beaded jewelry is both functional and aesthetic.

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