Using Gold in Making Jewelry

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When it comes to making jewelry, gold is one of the most commonly used metals. Gold is using making pieces of jewelry such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings because gold's characteristics stand out among those of metals. Gold is corrosion-resistant, which makes it ideal for accessories that may often be exposed to moisture. Furthermore, gold's high value makes gold jewelry highly desirable.

Gold has been widely used in making jewelry even during the ancient times. The crowns and pieces of jewelry of kings and queens are mostly made from gold. Pharaohs in ancient Egypt have large collections of gold that they take with them to their graves. Gold has always had a reputation as a valuable metal, and this reputation is one of the main reasons why the metal is popularly used in making jewelry.

The purity of gold is represented in karats; twenty-four karat gold is almost 100% pure gold. Not all people can afford 24-karat gold, however, so many other karat levels of gold have been developed. A fifteen-karat piece of gold jewelry, for instance, means that the the piece of jewerly contains gold with a ratio of fifteen percent gold to nine percent of other metals.

Some jewelry makers prefer making jewelry from lower-karat gold because this type of gold is considered to be more durable. Twenty-four karat gold can be easily bent and deformed with small amounts of pressure because of its composition. To get the most durable pieces of jewelry out of gold, twenty-two karat gold is recommended because of the additional elements such as silver or bronze. These metals can increase the sturdiness of the gold. It is important to carefully balance the elements used in making jewelry to come up with the highest-quality pieces.

There are also a lot of jewelry makers who use of the process of gold plating in making jewelry. Gold-plated jewelry may look like pure gold at first glance, but its overall composition is significantly from that of pure gold jewelry. Gold-plated jewelry commonly contains silver, copper, and nickel.

The high value of gold still directly affects the value of gold jewelry today. Jewelry buyers should be mindful of the gold jewelry they buy; it's always best to check if the piece of gold jewelry is genuine and to buy only from reputable jewelers. Individuals who are more interested in making gold jewelry, on the other hand, can read up on the craft through websites and other online resources.

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