Using Magnetic Clasps for Beading Projects


The clasp is one of the most important findings used in beadwork projects involving beaded jewelry. The clasp's function is to secure the ends of a beaded accessory to prevent it from slipping or falling off the wearer. There are different types of clasps available today, and each of these types has varying abilities in securing beaded necklaces or bracelets.

Many makers of beaded jewelry prefer to use magnetic clasps because these are easier to secure than other types of clasps. Because these clasps are secured through magnets, wearers can more easily lock the clasps in place. The clasps can be attached with just one hand, making it easier to put on beaded necklaces and bracelets.

However, other beading enthusiasts don't like using magnetic clasps in their projects because these clasps have the tendency to detach easily. People wearing beaded jewelry with magnetic clasps may lose their jewelry without even noticing it. In some cases, the magnet in the clasp attracts another magnet in the wearer's surroundings, diverting the clasp's magnetic field away to the other magnet.

Fortunately, there are many ways to ensure that magnetic clasps don't cause the loss of beaded jewelry. If you use beaded jewelry with magnetic clasps, here are some tips that you might find helpful.

1. Since a magnetic clasp attracts other metals, avoid wearing beaded jewelry with magnetic clasps together with other pieces of jewelry that contain metal. Some beading enthusiasts suggest wearing these pieces of jewelry on their own or with non-metal jewelry.

2. Some beading designs that use magnetic clasps use a safety chain designed to secure the accessory even if the clasps detach. The chain is connected to the both ends of the accessory. The chain is long enough to allow the accessory to comfortably hang on the wearer's wrist or neck.

There are magnetic clasps available today that are designed to attach more securely. Beading enthusiasts can opt for these enhanced magnetic clasps instead of regular magnetic clasps. Aside from these clasps, though, there are many other types of functional clasps that beading enthusiasts can use for their projects.

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