An Overview of Wire Rings Used in Beading

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Wire rings are some of the most popular materials for beading and jewelry making. These rings can be used in many different ways. Wire rings can join two lengths of thread or cord to form a bracelet or necklace. It can also be used to add length to chains used for pieces of jewelry.

Furthermore, wire rings can also be used to secure a group of beads together. The rings bring many design possibilities due to their versatility and flexibility. Wire rings are most often made from round types of wire because these are easier to manipulate. Most wire rings are also made from sterling silver, which gives the rings a shiny, attractive appearance.

Wire rings are also widely available, so beading enthusiasts and jewelry makers should have no problem locating these findings. A number of wire rings are used in beading and jewelry making. Here's a short overview of the most commonly used wire rings in beading.

There are different types of wire rings used in beadwork.To get the most from a wire ring, it should be used on the accessory that matches its functions. Jump rings, for instance, are from made from a piece of wire that is looped once. The loop is not fully closed so that other beading components can be inserted into the ring. Since the jump ring is only made of one loop of wire, it's best used for accessories with smaller types of beads. Large, heavy beads may cause the jump ring to loosen or break.

If you want more strength or reliability from a jump ring, you can opt to solder the jump ring. Soldered jump rings are permanently closed, so these can provide sufficient support for heavier beads or findings. You can also buy pre-soldered jump rings at many beading stores.

Split rings are also commonly used in beading. Unlike jump rings, split rings have two loops of wire; this is why these rings are often considered more reliable. Oval and round split rings are widely available for use in beading projects. Special pliers can be used to separate the loops so that beading components can be hooked onto the split ring.

These wire rings come in many diameters, as well as in various types of metal. Wire rings made from copper, silver, and gold-plated wire can be easily found in many beading stores today.

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