Choosing the Right Type of Beading Wire

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Using wire in beading projects will definitely provide more jewelry design possibilities. Beading enthusiasts interested in working with wire can consult beading tutorials and classes online to learn how wire can be used to create artistic beadwork.

These tutorials and classes can also help beading enthusiasts gain skills in manipulating wire into different shapes. Basic skills in wire work can be used to create simple beaded ornaments and accessories such as earrings. As their skills in wire working become more advanced, beading enthusiasts can make more intricate designs for bracelets and necklaces.

Just like in using thread to make bead jewelry, the same types of findings are used in bead jewelry made with wire. Most varieties of beading wire can be bent into small loops for clasps. Sometimes, thinner types of wire can also be knotted to secure beads in place.

There are many types of beading wire available today, so it can be confusing for beginners to choose the right type of wire for their beading project. Here are some factors to consider in choosing the right type of beading wire.

1. When choosing a type of beading wire, you should consider the shape of the wire. Beading wire comes in round, flat, square, and twisted varieties. However, round wire is most commonly used because this type of wire is easier to find in craft stores and beading stores.

2. Wire diameter is also an important consideration when choosing a type of beading wire. The diameter of the beads' drill hole should serve as the primary basis for the diameter of the beading wire to be used. Thicker types of wire tend to be stronger but are more difficult to manipulate, while thinner types of wire are easy to work with but tend to break easily.

3. Wire composition or material is another important thing to consider when choosing beading wire. Copper and brass are the most commonly used metalsfor creating wire, but sterling silver and gold types of beading wire are also becoming more popular among beading enthusiasts.

4. Wire measurements are standardized. The size of the wire's diameter is commonly referred to as the gauge. There are various gauges of beading wire available. The gauge size of beading wire becomes lower as the wire increases in diameter, so thinner types of beading wire have high gauge sizes.

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