Common Repairs Made in Beading


Damaged jewelry is often the result of prolonged use or wear and tear. Different parts of the accessory may come loose and require replacement over time. The metal components become brittle and rusted due to exposure to moisture. Plastic beads, on the other hand, can suffer from discoloration. Severed wire or thread is also a common form of damage on beaded jewelry.

Damaged beaded jewelry may seem difficult to repair, but learning about the different ways of repairing beaded jewelry does not take much effort. Most forms of damage on beaded jewelry are fixable, but the damage must be fixed as soon as it is spotted, to prevent the damage from worsening.

Common fixes for damaged bead jewelry

In many cases of damaged bead jewelry, replacement is the best repair option. Severed wire or cracked beads are best replaced, to restore the structure and appearance of the piece of jewelry. Replacing damaged wire or beads usually takes a considerable amount of time, but the repaired jewelry will look as good as new once all necessary replacements are made.

Replacement is also the best repair option for defective clasps, since a broken clasp would render the piece of jewelry unwearable. Clasps are easier to replace than beads or wire, since a defective clasp can be quickly detached and replaced without affecting the piece of jewelry itself.

Loose crimps can be tightened with pliers, as long as the damage is minimal. Crimps that are too loose to repair can be easily replaced as well, although knotting the thread or wire can temporarily secure the beads in place. Eventually, the knots will have to be undone and new crimps must be placed on the damaged piece of bead jewelry.

To make sure that the repairs are successful, beading enthusiasts can also consult articles that provide instructions on bead jewelry repair. Significantly damaged bead jewelry can also be brought to bead stores for repair; this service is especially helpful if the damage is too severe for beading enthusiasts to fix.

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