Making Jewelry with Memory Wire

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Memory wire is a material commonly used in making jewelry because of the wire's special ability to retain its shape. Working with memory wire requires considerable skills in creating beaded jewelry. Generally, memory wire can be used for all types of jewelry, from necklaces to bracelets.

Memory wire can give beaded jewelry a unique, interesting look. To properly work with memory wire, consider these helpful jewelry making tips.

Using memory wire in making jewelry

Memory wire is best used as the primary wire for necklaces and bracelets. When making jewelry this type of wire, there are some important things to consider. One factor to note is the length of the wire to be used. This determines the number of layers making up the bracelet or necklace. Many beading enthusiasts think that using multiple layers of memory wire makes bracelets more attractive.

On the other hand, when using memory wires for making necklaces, it is best to use a shorter length of memory wire. Memory wire tends to be rigid, so a necklace made up of multiple layers of rigid wire may be uncomfortable to wear. One or two layers are usually sufficient for most necklace designs using memory wire.

A common concern when working with memory wire is properly cutting the wire at the desired length. Since these wires are harder and more difficult to cut, using conventional pliers might not be effective at the job. Ordinary wire cutters can also cause the wire to crack or split. This is why it's best to use pliers especially designed for cutting memory wire.

In most cases, a piano wire cutter does the job of cutting memory wire. If you don't have this type of tool at hand, you can have memory wire cut at craft stores or beading stores. Many beading stores offer cutting services for memory wire.

In general, memory wire may be difficult to work with without the right tools. With the proper tools and skills, though, memory wire can be handled easily. To learn more about different ways to work with memory wire, you can visit beading websites and read articles on making jewelry with memory wire.

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