Standard Measurements Used in Jewelry Making

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In jewelry making, it's important that standard measurements for length are followed. These measurements are indispensable guides in ensuring that pieces of jewelry properly fit the wearer. In some cases, the specific measurements of the wearer's wrist or neck can be taken; however, in other cases, standard measurements provide great help in making properly fitting pieces of jewelry.

For bracelets, a standard wrist would measure around seven to eight inches in circumference, or the same length as a one dollar bill. However, this is only applicable for bracelets made with smaller beads. Remember to increase the length of the thread, string, or cord if the bracelet is designed with large beads. For a customized fit, it is better to measure the exact circumference of the wearer’s wrist.

On the other hand, necklaces have various standards for length. This is because there are some who want choker-style necklaces and others who prefer lengthier necklaces. Whatever the preference is, it is best to consider some of the standard lengths that are mostly followed in jewelry making. For a choker necklace, fifteen to sixteen inches of thread, string, or cord would be ideal. Princess and mid-chest lengths, on the other hand, would range around eighteen to twenty-five inches. Lastly, the longest possible length for a necklace can reach up to thirty to thirty-five inches.

It is also recommended to fit bracelets or necklaces while these are clasped. A mandrel is an accessory that is used to measure a piece of jewelry while it is fastened.

When using a clasp, it is best to measure the length of the bracelet together with the clasp, including other findings that may affect the length of the bracelet. To determine the best fit, an allowance of one to two finger-breadths should be used.

Most clasps fasten or lock in an overlapping manner. Because of this the length of the jewelry is affected. Considering the length of the overlap would help you find the accurate fit. In jewelry making, the clasps are included in the measurements. To accurately measure a bracelet or a necklace with a toggle clasp, it is ideal to start measuring at the inner side of the post towards the inner edge of the ring. This measuring method is applicable to all other clasps that use the same method of locking. In making jewelry, the standard lengths provided would help you determine the right fit of jewelry.

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