Stretchable Cord for Beading Projects

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Among the different types of string and thread used in beading, stretchable cord is one of the most commonly cords used for slip-on bracelets and necklaces. This type of cord is easy to work with and is relatively more affordable than memory wire and other types of beading thread.

Stretchable cord is made from nylon-like material, which is transparent in color. The cord's distinguishing feature is its easy-to-stretch structure. There are different advantages of using stretchable cord for beading projects, the most important of which is the fact that it does not require the use of clasps or other fastening mechanisms. A bracelet made from stretchable cord can simply be stretched over the hand to fit around the wrist.

Bead jewelry made from stretchable cords are best for everyday use because these are easier to slip on and off. A beaded accessory made from this type of cord is also best for people who find it difficult to wear jewelry with clasps.

Beading with stretchable cord

There are different types of stretchable cords available today. Stretchable cord is made from a clear or colored polymer that is better than nylon thread because stretchable cord does not change color or becomes brittle over time. Stringing beads onto stretchable cord doesn't require the aid of a needle, because the tips of the cord stay rigid even as beads are slipped onto the cord.

Other variations of stretch cords come in a latex-free composition that is best for people with existing latex allergies. Just like other cords for bead making, stretch cords also have different diameters, which can be matched to the varying diameters of drill holes on beads. The most commonly used stretch cord comes with a one-millimeter diameter; many beading enthusiasts think that this type of stretch cord is best for use in making beaded jewelry.

When making beadwork projects with stretchable cord, it's important that the diameter of the cord matches the size of the bead. Larger and heavier beads are best strung on thicker types of stretchable cord, since this type of cord can provide sufficient support.

Another advantage of using stretchable cord is that the cord can be secured through a knot. No crimps are required because crimp would just create a slit in the cord, making it prone to breakage. Other types of stretchable cords are made from high-quality material reinforced with fiber to make it more durable for larger beads.

Stretch cords are fun and easy to work with. Kids can get involved in making beaded items with stretchable cord because beading with the cord doesn't require the use of a needle.

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