Suggestions for Using Stretch Cords in Beading

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Using stretchable cords in beading can yield various beading designs. Since bracelets or necklaces made from stretchable cord don't require the use of clasps, more design variations and patterns can be used. Like in most beading projects, though, the design mainly depends on the type of beads used.

Whether it's a simple or a complicated design, jewelry made from stretchable cord can be attractive. To give you more ideas on creating different beading designs with the use of stretch cord, consider these suggestions.

1. Use red and green beads for the project. Alternately place red and green beads on the cord, to create a design that evokes a festive, holiday feel. A handful of beads in each color would be enough to create a standard-sized bracelet.

2. Use Czech Saturn beads and a garnet measuring three to four millimeters in diameter. The Czech Saturn beads can be separated by bright red beads. The combination of dark and bright=colored beads creates an attractive, contrasting effect.

3. Use simple beads between decorated or ornate beads. You can also combine beads of different sizes and shapes to create eye-catching designs. Mix and match bead colors, sizes, and designs to make it easier to create great designes for stretch cord accessories.

Some beading enthusiasts believe that it's best to avoid using too many different-colored beads for one piece of jewelry. Using beads in more than three different colors can sometimes negatively affect the appearance of the bracelet or necklace. This is why many beading enthusiasts believe that it's best to create beaded jewelry using color combinations with a maximum of three different colors. Beads with rich, full colors are always preferrable to faded beads.

Finishing pieces of jewelry made of stretch cord

In some types of beaded jewelry, an accessory can be finished with the use of a clasp or crimp. However, a piece of jewelry made of stretchable cord typically does nto need to be secured with a clasp. Bracelets made from stretchable cord can be simply finished through a secure knot. Trim the excess cord and apply a small amount of glue to hide the knot inside a bead hole. There are different ways to finish jewelry made from stretchable cord, and this is the easiest and simplest method for beading beginners.

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