Tips on Using Tools for Making Jewelry

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There are various tools used in making jewelry and beaded accessories. Every tool is specifically designed to complete a single task. These tools help make the jewelry making process easier, while reducing the presence of imperfections on the finished products.

In making jewelry, appropriate tool use can mean the difference between well-made and low-quality accessories. To get the most use out of these tools, consider following these tips on tool use in jewelry making.

Many newbie jewelry makers are confused about the importance of hammering in jewelry making. Generally, hammering or planishing is done for many reasons. Hammering is useful in hardening or shaping beading wire. It flattens a piece of wire for more conventional reshaping processes. Hammering can also be done to strengthen beading wire without flattening it.

Aside from a hammer, there are other tools useful in making jewelry. Many of these tools are made by well-known manufacturers and are crafted from high-quality materials. German-made tools are known to be the top-grade tools for making jewelry. Of course, such high quality often comes at high prices. This is why these tools may not be best for beginners.

Newbie jewelry makers can start with basic, mid-range tools. Many jewelry tools made in China, for instance, are reliable enough for basic beadwork projects. Beginners can equip themselves with basic tools such as pliers and cutters. As their skills improve, beading enthusiasts can move on to more advanced and specialized tools.
Once you've gained considerable skills in beading, you can consider investing in high-end tools.

One of the most common tool issues encountered by beading enthusiasts is pliers' susceptibility to dents and scars. This can be entirely avoided once you learn how to control your grip on the pliers. For a temporary solution to the issue, though, you can wrap a small piece of cloth around the item you'll be using the pliers on. Taping the tip of the pliers is also a good alternative to using cloth. A piece of tape around the tips will definitely protect the pliers from dents and scratches.

Lastly, cleanly cutting beading wire is essential in making beaded jewelry. Cutting a length of wire at a ninety-degree angle ensures smooth cuts. Using the innermost portion of a cutter will also ensure easier cutting.

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