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Pearls are materials that are commonly used for women's accessories such as earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Pearls come in a wide range of sizes, but most sizes have small drill holes. This is why thinner types of thread are most often used for stringing pearls.

Some beading enthusiasts also say that thinner types of thread are sometime easier to knot. In making knots for pearl beadwork, it is essential to know which knot is best used for specific projects. There are varieties of techniques for knotting pearl beads, and every beading enthusiast tends to have his or her own special knotting technique.

There are different methods of handling a knot for pearl beading. Here are some important tips on these various methods.

Knotting tips for pearl beading

Silk thread is best used for stringing pearl jewelry, because most types of silk thread are thin and fine. These features make it easier for silk thread to pass through the small drill holes in pearl beads. However, some beading enthusiasts have found that silk thread can break when over-tightened. Manually tightening the knots works better, as this method has a reduced risk of fraying.

To maintain a desired tightness on the knots, a double strand is ideal. Each strand can be pulled away from the other when tightening the knot. On the other hand, a bead tip or clam shell finding is required when using clasps. These findings are necessary in joining both ends of the thread to the clasps.

In choosing between a double or single overhand knot, the diameter of the cord should be considered as the basis for the choice. Finer types of silk thread need double overhand knots, while a single overhand knot may be enough for thicker types of silk thread.

Furthermore, working with dirty hands can significantly affect the integrity of silk thread. Dirt and moisture from the hands can be easily transferred to the thread; in turn, soiled thread can affect the appearance of the beadwork. To prevent this, it is important to work with clean hands when handling silk thread.

Since silk has a stretchable feature, the material should also be pre-stretched prior to use. To pre-stretch silk thread, dampen it with water and allow it to hang overnight with weights tied to each end.

Nylon thread can also be used in beading pearls, since nylon thread is sturdy and resistant to fraying.

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