An Overview of the Various Types of Memory Wire

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Add some style to your beaded accessories through the use of memory wire. This special type of wire for making jewelry is an excellent alternative to nylon thread or cord. One of the best things about memory wire is that it comes in various types, so you can easily choose the best type of memory wire for your jewelry.

There are several types of memory wire for beadwork and jewelry making. Some types of wire are best used for a specific type of jewelry while other types can be used for all jewelry types. Choosing the right type of memory wire is essential for creating the best-looking jewelry. To make sure you use the right type of beading wire, you can experiment with the different types of wire and see which type suits your beading project.

Nickel, copper, aluminum, sterling silver, and other type of metals can be made into memory wire. Some types of memory wire are even gold-plated. Aluminum is the most widely used metal for memory wire. Memory wire made from aluminum has its special characteristics. Aluminum memory wire is easy to shape, thanks to its lightweight features. The downside is that aluminum memory wire may not be the best option for jewelry because this type of memory wire tends to be weak or flimsy.

Copper memory wire, on the other hand, is considered best for jewelry. Some types of copper memory wire come coated with different enamel colors for additional style. When using pliers for bending or cutting copper memory wire, remember to be careful to prevent chipping away the wire's enamel.

Craft memory wire is specifically made for beading projects. It is often filled with nickel or aluminum. When using this type of wire, it is important to choose a reliable brand, because some types of memory wire easily discolor after being exposed to sweat. Some beading experts say that inexpensive craft wire is more prone to tarnishing than expensive craft wire.

French wire, also referred to as bullion wire, is composed of small lengths of wire that are coiled together. It is said to be best for adding accents to jewelry. French wire can be made from metals such as aluminum, nickel, copper, gold, and silver. It is usually available in a range of sizes, from .8mm to 2mm.

For positive results, make sure you use the right type of memory wire for your beading projects.

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