Beading Instruction on Using Focal Beads

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Beading instruction, even in the form of how-to videos and articles, is important if you are new to the process of making beaded jewelry. The method of stringing a set of beads onto thread or wire can be tricky without some instruction about the proper way to do it. The process becomes even more complicated with added beading techniques, such as the use of a focal bead.

If you're planning to use focal beads for your jewelry making projects, you might find these tips useful.

These days, there is a highly diverse variety of beads available in beading shops and arts and crafts stores. You can make hundreds of attractive combinations with these beads, but a focal bead still adds a certain style to any piece of jewelry.

When you use focal beads, the use of fancy or expensive beads is unnecessary. This can help you save a lot of money and allow you to create elegant-looking yet affordable jewelry. This way, you'll be able to make more jewelry for your friends or for your business.

To begin making a piece of jewelry with a planned focal bead, it's best to lay out all the necessary materials in your workplace. You'll also have to choose the bead that you'll be using as the piece of jewelry's focal bead.
Before actually stringing the beads, try some bead combinations to determine which combination produces the most attractive results. An easy way to do this is to select beads that are similar or highly contrasting in design. The beads must be placed on both sides of the focal bead. Remember to use beads that will match the overall design of the piece of jewelry.

Another way of choosing a focal bead is to use a bead that has differs from the other beads in shape. For instance, a square-shaped focal bead in a string of round beads will definitely stand out.

If you plan to use a focal bead on a dangling piece of jewelry, fewer beads can be strung beside the focal bead. A headpin can also be a stylish way of making the focal bead stand out. Use the headpin and transform it into a silver or gold link on a bracelet or necklace.

Problems may arise when a focal bead is used on a bracelet. Putting a large focal bead on a bracelet may cause the focal bead to fall out of the correct position. To resolve this, place slightly larger beads beside the focal bead. This is good method of showing off all the beads in a single style.

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