Care and Maintenance of Your Beading Projects

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Any beading enthusiast knows that the art of beading does not only include skills in designing and making beaded accessories and other items. It also includes the care and maintenance of your completed beading projects. Many beaded items are small in size and may be hard to clean; however, taking care of them and preventing them from getting dirty will make the job easier.

End products and finished projects should also be cared for and cleaned. Unfinished projects should also be cleaned once in a while to preserve their integrity. Cleaning projects in progress from time to time will improve the appearance of the whole projects once these are finished.

Tips in cleaning beading projects and materials

1. To maintain the cleanliness of your beading materials, especially your beads, regularly wipe them with a clean, dry cloth.

2. Remember to clean your bead containers to prevent your beads and other materials from getting dirty. Wipe off dust and moisture from your beads’ containers.

3. Avoid beaded accessories from getting wet. Moisture can cause beading string to grow brittle, making the accessories more prone to damage.

4. Keep your beads from coming into contact with other chemicals, including lotion, shampoo, body cream, and detergent. Chemicals contained in these liquids can alter the color and texture of your beads. The protective coating on the beads can also be affected by these chemicals.

5. If your beads are exposed liquids and other chemicals, immediately wipe them dry to prevent further damage.

6. Keep your beads away from direct sunlight. Too much exposure to sunlight can cause discoloration on some types of beads.

Proper storage of beading projects and other beaded accessories

Beading projects involving long strands of string should be stored properly to avoid knotting and tangling. In the effort of untangling these strings, the beads may be scratched and damaged. To prevent this, store your beaded accessories and other beading projects in separate compartments.

A good way to store long beaded accessories is to hang these separately. Metal beads, such as those made from silver and gold, should also be stored in separate, cloth-lined containers to prevent tarnishing. Sensitive beads such as a glass or stone beads should be stored in a pouch to preserve their shine.

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