Easy Beading Tricks for Stringing Beads

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The process of beading can be complicated and tiresome for some people. There are people who think beading takes too much time; the repetitive process of stringing beads can also be boring for some.

If you're feeling a little bored with beading yourself, here are some techniques that may be able to help you. These tricks can help you string beads faster and more efficiently. Traditional methods of stringing beads usually involve using a needle with the beading string or thread. The beads are then strung manually until the accessory or ornament is complete.

However, there are other ways that can help you string beads faster. Special tools are used instead of conventional needles. Despite their specialized nature, these tools are easy to work with.

How to string beads faster

It cannot be denied that stringing small beads can be difficult. This is especially true when the beads are extremely small, since the beads are nearly impossible to grasp properly between the fingers.

To make the task of stringing seed beads easier, beading enthusiasts can use a spinner. A spinner helps bead makers quickly string different beads onto a single strand. Basically, a spinner is made up of a small bowl and a spindle located at the center of the bowl. The bowl contains all the beads to be strung while the spindle rotates to string the beads.

To use the spinner, the bowl must first be filled with beads. A curved needle is placed at the bottom of the spinner to catch the beads once the spindle starts to rotate. The beads that are pierced by the needle are threaded instantly. Once the desired length of stringed beads is achieved, the excess thread can be cut off. The end of the strand can be looped to prevent the beads from slipping off. The whole process can be repeated to make another batch of stringed beads.

Spinners are helpful tools for stringing seed beads, and these tools are indispensable for bulk stringing. For the spinner to be effective, though, the needle must be adjusted properly. The right needle adjustment is necessary in quickly completing a strand of beads.

Stringing beads with large drill holes

Generally, beads with larger drill holes are easier to string than seed beads. This is why some beading enthusiasts opt to enlarge the drill hole on beads through the use of specialized tools. Bead reamers are the perfect tools for making the drill holes on beads larger.

However, bead reamers only work on soft beads such as plastic beads. Glass and stone beads are likely to break once the tool is inserted into these beads' drill holes. Instead of enlarging the drill holes, you can use thinner or finer types of thread to string these beads.

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