Joining Methods in Beading

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Joining strands of different beads is an effective way of designing beaded accessories. Wire and metal components are typically used to join different bead strands. The easiest way to join multiple strands is to use specialized beading wire and a multi-strand clasp. Multi-strand clasps are available with attachments for two to three strands.

Beading two strands on a single clasp

Using a single clasp to join two strands together can be tricky. To make it easier, use a crimp to hold both strands together and connect the excess strand to the clasp. Use a crimp cover to hide the area where the strands join. An alternative to using crimp cover is using a bead with a larger hole to conceal the joint. This way, the pressed crimp can be inserted into the bead hole.

After securing two strands to a single clasp, insert two to three small beads before stringing the main bead onto the strands. Seed beads can be used as spacers. After placing the smaller beads after the crimp, the main beads can now hang freely on both strands. You can then finish the accessory the same way you would finish a single-strand accessory.

Making one strand longer than the other is also a good way to incorporate style into multi-strand accessories. Using bead strands of different lengths can give the illusion that two necklaces are worn at once. Making one strand two inches longer than the other is usually enough to create this effect.

Joining pendants in beading

The easiest method of hanging a pendant on a beaded accessory is with a jump ring. It is important to use a jump ring that matches the size of the pendant, so that pendant can get sufficient support. To hide the link between the pendant and the jump ring, a French coil can be used.

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