Making Jewelry from Molded Clay Beads

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Although there are many other types of moldable materials that can be used for jewelry making, polymer clay is widely known to be one of the best materials for jewelry. Beads made from molded polymer clay can make for attractive pieces of jewelry, whether you want to use these for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings.

If you want to use polymer clay beads for your beaded jewelry, you'll need polymer clay. Polymer clay is a highly pliant type of clay that hardens when exposed to high heat. You can mold the clay with your hands or use sculpting tools such as knives to achieve your desired shape. Don't forget to poke a hole through the beads before putting these in the oven. Polymer clay beads can take from 15 to 20 minutes to harden.

The bright, bold colors of polymer clay make these especially suitable for creating eye-catching jewelry. You can use polymer clay beads as focal beads for your projects; these beads will often be so colorful that you won't need to use many beads to complement them. These beads match many wire types as well, from fine chains to nylon thread.

Making beads out of polymer clay is easy and the process requires only a little imagination and creativity. You can opt to make traditional round beads, oval beads, cube-shaped beads, or even heart-shaped beads. You can make multi-colored flower beads. You can mix different colors of polymer clay to achieve a swirled or checkered look for your beads. As long as you can shape the clay with your hands or through tools, the possibilities for polymer clay bead shapes are endless.

Another great thing about polymer clay is that it's very affordable. You'll be able to save some money since you'll be making your own beads. You can make numerous beads out of a pack of polymer clay, so you won't need to refill your stocks often. Polymer clay is also extremely easy to work with, so even kids can make their own polymer clay beads. This feature also helps you more easily create customized polymer bead jewelry, which makes for great gifts to loved ones.

Making beads from polymer clay can be quite complicated but once you get it right, the process is quick and easy. Making jewelry with polymer clay beads will not only enhance your creativity but also broaden your skills in jewelry making.

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