Making Jewelry with Czech Beads

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Using Czech beads in making jewelry can definitely result in fine-looking beaded jewelry for both men and women. Czech beads are popular among beading enthusiasts because of these beads' unique shape and design. These beads are primarily made in the Czech Republic, one of the largest seed bead producers in the world.

Czech beads are made from pressed glass. Specialized equipment, including molds, are used to produce large quantities of Czech beads in a variety of colors. Each mold has its own distinct shape and design that make Czech beads unique in appearance. To create a hole in each bead, a needle-like item is placed into each bead mold. Because of their small size, Czech beads often have small holes as well.

Czech bead sizes can range from three millimeters to forty millimeters. However, most Czech beads produced today range from three to ten millimeters in diameter. Many of these beads are considered as seed beads; because of their size, Czech beads make for great spacers in beaded jewelry.

The difference between Czech beads and Swarovski crystal beads

Czech beads and Swarovski crystal beads may appear similar, but there are some distinct differences between these two types of beads. Czech beads are made from pressed or molded glass, while Swarovski crystal beads are often made from precision-cut crystal. Because of their composition, Swarovski crystal beads tend to be more expensive than Czech beads.

Despite these differences, though, Czech beads and Swarovski crystal beads share a similar design that works perfectly for beaded jewelry.

Buying Czech beads for jewelry making

Czech beads are often packaged differently compared to other types of beads. Czech beads are often sold by the strand, with each strand containing beads of a similar design. These strands can contain up to one hundred beads, depending on the vendor. If you're planning to buy wholesale, you can also find large quantities of Czech bead strands in bead stores.

Czech beads are also often sold wholesale according to mass, which is usually measured in grams. Many bead stores also sell Czech beads by the hank; a hank usually includes anywhere from 8 to 20 strands of Czech seed beads, with each strand measuring 12 to 20 inches.

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