The Process of Crochet Beading

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Using crochet techniques in beadwork can make for interesting beading projects. Crochet is the process of using a small hook to form pieces of fabric from joined loops of yarn. In bead crochet, beads are strung onto the lengths of yarn used for crochet. There are many different techniques involved in incorporating beads into crochet work. Here are some common ways to make a crochet beadwork.

Before you begin stringing beads while the yarn is crocheted, it is important to consider the number of beads required for the specific crochet pattern. Bead placement, as well as the method of stringing the beads, can determined with the help of a design layout. Dividing the yarn into rows may also make the bead crochet project easier to handle.

Another useful technique in bead crochet is sewing the beads after the crochet project is completed. To bring together the design of the beads and the crochet, use the same yarn used for the crochet fabric to sew the beads. A half-cross stitch can be used to sew the beads, leaving a small eye for the thread and a larger eye for the needle. It is important to use beads that have larger holes because crochet yarn tends to be thicker compared to conventional beading thread.

Beading crochet fringe

Beaded crochet fringe is often seen in modern clothing. To begin this project, make a crocheted chain in the preferred length. Since each fringe length is folded in half, the number of beads must be considered when setting the length of the fringe. To attach the finished fringe to clothes, sewing methods can be used.

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