The Process of Off-Loom Weave Beading

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Any beading project that involves manually making weaved patterns of beads through different types of stitches is considered as off-loom bead weaving. Off-loom bead weaving is also called needle weaving because the process involves using a needle to string and stitch beads together.

Basically, off-loom weaving is composed of different stitches. Basic stitches include the peyote stitch, brick stitch, square stitch, right angle weave, and Ndebele or herringbone stitch. Each of these stitches produce a different effect on weaved bead accessories.

It often takes time for beading enthusiasts to get the hang of using bead weaving techniques for their projects. Once their skills in bead weaving develop, beading enthusiasts can combine different stitches and create elegant weaved accessories. However, off-loom weaving is not limited to beaded accessories. Other beaded items can be made through off-loom bead weaving.

Other off-loom beading techniques

Straps can also be made through off-loom weave beading. A daisy chain, for instance, can be made from stitched beads; using a beaded daisy chain is a great way of accessorizing women's purses or bags. Furthermore, beaded covers for containers such as penholders can be weaved using round or tubular objects as guides.

Seed beads that are still strung can be weaved as well. The trick is laying the strings in straight lines. Carefully slide the needle beside the beads and try to thread as many beads as possible. Pull the thread to transfer the beads to the needle and to the primary thread.

When using a brick stitch, it is always best to make a sturdy stitch. To create a strong brick stitch, bring the needle and thread below the thread of the first row. It is best to string the first two beads before starting on the second row and bringing the thread and needle to the next bead of the succeeding row. Thread the beads twice for a more secure hold.

Materials for off-loom beading

The most important material for off-loom weaving is the needle. Needles in different sizes and lengths are indispensable in off-loom bead weaving. Different variations of thread are also useful in creating a more reliable finished product. The thread must be flexible yet durable, to ensure that the beads are secure.

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