What to Remember when Picking an Etsy Shop Name

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Though it may sound simple, picking a name for your Etsy shop is one of the most important aspects of selling on Etsy. Aside from the difficulty of choosing a name that sounds right, there's the added pressure of having only one chance to change your shop's name.

If you're currently deciding on what to name your Etsy shop, here's a short list of some useful things to remember.

1. Don't over-think it. If you're stuck on actually coming up with a name, get a sheet of paper and a pen and just start writing down whatever shop names pop into your head. Don't be too picky about what you write down; being completely open may help you come up with some names that could really be great for your Etsy shop.

2. Try to come up with names that are simple yet catchy. Names that have one to three words usually work best in establishing recall in shoppers. If you opt for a shop name that contains more than one word, consider capitalizing the first letter of each word. This helps shoppers read your shop name more easily.

3. Make sure your Etsy shop name matches your items' style. If you're selling quirky items, convey their quirkiness with your shop's name. If you're selling bright, colorful products, make sure the shop name conveys these features. Also, it's always best to be original when choosing a shop name. Infuse your own style into your shop name, to help it stick to shoppers' minds.

4. Put a relevant keyword into your shop name. This is particularly useful if you're focusing on selling specific types of items. If you're planning to sell handmade earrings, for instance, try to incorporate 'earrings' into your shop name. This may increase your shop's visibility on search results.

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