Working with Jump Rings in Making Jewelry

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For individuals just learning how to do beadwork projects, learning the basics of beading can be a challenging process. Beadwork may seem to be a difficult hobby to take up, especially since beading projects involve a lot of components. This is why many guides to beading start off with an overview of these components, which include beads, beading wire, thread, and findings.

One type of finding that can be difficult to handle is the jump ring. Jump rings are often used in beadwork projects involving beaded jewelry. When making jewelry, jump rings can be used to support beads or add length to a bracelet or necklace. The rings derive their name from the gap in their loops; these gaps can be closed and soldered to add strength to the rings.

There are three types of jump rings available today: traditional jump rings, pre-soldered jump rings, and split jump rings. Among these three types of jump rings, the traditional jump ring can cause the most problems. The gap in the jump ring can cause bracelets and necklaces to come apart or beads to come loose. To prevent this, the gap in the jump ring must be closed completely and securely.

To function properly, jump rings must be opened and closed using the right techniques. To open up a jump ring, two long-nosed pliers can be used to gently pull the ring's ends apart. This way, the jump ring is opened without necessarily affecting the distance between its ends. To close the jump ring, use two long-nosed pliers to pull the ends together, allowing a minimal amount of overlapping between the ends.

When using jump rings to make jewelry, it is important to remember not to overbend the ring. Creating a slight opening is essential in maintaining the integrity of a jump ring. This is why it's important to use the right tools when working with jump rings in making jewelry.

Online resources and tutorials on beading typically include short guides on the proper methods of handling findings used in beadwork. These resources may prove to be useful for beginners who want to learn how to properly use jump rings in their jewelry making projects.

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