Tips on Taking Better Etsy Photos

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Online shopping is similar to a double-edged sword. While it does offer great convenience to shoppers, online shopping puts merchants at a slight disadvantage. Shoppers may be more likely to purchase a product that they've thoroughly examined, and this is impossible to do when shopping online.

This is why good photography is essential for people looking to sell their products online. Sellers on Etsy, for instance, have a lot riding on their listings' photos. Aside from the item's description, a good photo of the item can really convince a shopper to make the purchase. If you're an Etsy shop owner and you think your items' photos could be better, here are some tips you can try out.

1. Use the photo to convey as many of the item's features as possible. Don't take photos of the item just for the sake of it or just because Etsy requires sellers to upload a photo for each item listing. Use an item's photo to accurately show shoppers the item's colors, texture, and size. Remember, these are all features that shoppers want to closely examine, and since they can't do that, you must show them through photos instead.

2. Be creative with the photo's background. Many sellers on Etsy like using light-colored backgrounds because these backgrounds work well at emphasizing most colors. Others prefer to use dark-colored backgrounds.

Whichever background color you prefer to use for an item's photo, make sure that it complements the item's colors. Remember, you don't have to use just plain paper for backgrounds. You can use a variety of items, including pillows, placemats, or even wallpaper. Using creative textures may work at making your photos more eye-catching.

3. Don't be afraid of using your camera's macro setting. The macro setting works great at conveying unusual textures and shapes in items such as knit fabric and handmade jewelry. The macro setting can be easy to use, and there are a lot of online tutorials and resources available for beginners.

4. Consider using a lightbox. A lightbox will help you create bright, sharp photos of small items, which can be difficult to photograph. You can easily make a lightbox on your own by using a cut-out cardboard box and rolls of white paper. Place the items in the lightbox, focus a source of light on the items, and snap away using the macro setting.

5. Keep your photos simple. Nobody likes a cluttered photo. If you like using image-editing software, avoid adding decorative frames or text to your photos. In most cases, these only add clutter rather than emphasize. Even if you think the frames make your photos more interesting, simple, clutter-free photos always work best.

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