Beading Activities For Kids

Try Beading Activities To Build Confidence & Creativity

Kids love having fun and look forward to doing different activities. Beading necklaces and bracelets is a perfect craft for children to keep them away from computer games and television. Beading is a very interesting activity that would surely stimulate their senses and help them develop children's fine motor reflexes. Children would also learn to count, tell a color, and as well as stimulate thinking. In beading, kids can see it as a play while they make different accessories through various beads from different shapes and colors. They can exchange it with their friends or even make one to serve as a best friend bracelet. However, parents should play a role and guide their kids when they do beading activities. Parents should carefully instruct their kids, especially the very young, to never put the beads because it is dangerous.

It is important that parents prioritize safety before anything else. Before the kids starts beading, it is a good idea to lay out all the materials needed for the project. Make sure that the beads are segregated according to type and the nylon threads are already precut so that children don't need to use scissors at this point. Furthermore, allow children to learn basic counting by teaching them a beading pattern that requires counting of every bead threaded onto the beading thread or cord. For instance, instruct the children to place three yellow beads after every six blue beads. This way, children can count and at the same time tell colors through the beads. In beading, it is important to choose the beads that children can easily thread on the nylon. Do not use beads that are very complicated since it would be hard for the kid's to enjoy beading.

Children safety tips in beading

Parent must always keep an eye on every bead. When doing a beading activity with kids, it is important to explain to them the hazards of chewing into the beads. To prevent this from happening, always make sure that your get the right beading beads for children which is larger and provide them the exact number of beads that they would need so that you can tell if one bead is missing just by checking on the kid's beaded piece. Also provide them with a cloth that would serve as their workspace so that beads would not fall off onto the floor. Another important reminder is to never use needles in beading with kids. Even a blunt tipped needle is unsafe for children when beading. It is better to use a nylon beading cord which is stiff and makes it easy for children to thread the beads into.

Overall, right supervision is always the most important aspect in beading activities with kids. Always make sure that they are enjoying and doing the right thing. Teach them the right way of beading as well as how to create different designs. Moreover, provide children with positive reinforcement we all like praise! This way, they are able to build self confidence as well as improve their artistic instinct. Beading can be very educational and enjoyable for kids if it is correctly supervised and managed by an adult.


Happy Beading!




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