How To Read Beading Patterns

Taking the Mystery Out Of Beading Patterns.

Beaded accessories that range from a simple necklace, bracelet, earring, purse and small ladies bag has unique beading patterns that are used as a guide in creating the accessory. However, following the beading patterns is hard for the untrained eye.

For this reason, it is important that individuals who wantbto learn how to make beaded items from exisint beading patterns must first know how to read them. This is essential because individuals who make these beaded items rely first on pre-made beading patterns, before they decide to make their own.

When reading beading patterns, it is important that you have a good eye sight, or the assistance of glasses, and it helps to have a good eye and hand coordination. Reading beading patterns may be difficult at first but constant practice would help you develop your skill in reading beading patterns. Your fine motor skill would be greatly developed as well as your creativity in altering different beading patterns to create a new set of beading designs. In here, we would teach you some basic tips in reading beading patterns as well as learn some of the necessary tools required in reading beading patterns.

Starting To Read Beading Patterns

Beading can be very easy if you plan on just stringing beads together on beading material. However, intricate beading patterns on a flat canvass would require a specific layout that is sometimes represented by a number or letter. For most cases, the color and the type of bead to be used are represented by a number which also shows which row and column the bead is to be placed.

This way, the individual can accurately follow the correct bead to be stringed into the canvass. He or she can easily follow which grid should a particular bead must be stringed and which bead must be used. To begin with, it is best to start at the lower left corner and follow a zigzag pattern while ascending. Keep following the pattern and always pay attention to which bead is appropriate to use. Make sure that you keep your eye on the canvass so that you would not be lost. Also, it is important to estimate the required length of thread to be used. Using the proper length of thread would give a clean finish at the back. However, this is not so significant for making beading patterns for portraits.

Tips For Reading Beading Patterns

In reading beading patterns, it is important that you lay all the materials needed for the project. Segregate all the beads according to color and type for it to be easier for you to get the bead and place it on the canvass. Make sure that you are working on a well lighted area because the intricate details on beading patterns would be difficult to read on low lighted condition.

Use a ruler if necessary to follow a straight line. Use a marker to mark the beading patterns that you have already finished placing a bead to prevent beading on finished patterns.


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