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Seed Beads - Beading Techniques

Seed Beads

There are different beads used in beading but the most unique beads that you can use are those so called "seed beads". Seed beads are basically a term in beading that refers to small beads that are often used in simple beading projects, loom works, bead spacer and other beading projects that requires used small beads. Generally these beads are round almost the same volume of a particle of rice up to the size of a granule of sand and it takes up to ten to fifteen seed beads to require on one inch length of thread. Seed beads also come in different colors transparency. Solid colored seed beads are often used in loom beading wherein solid colors are a must to emphasize the color combination of the bead work. On the other hand, transparent and translucent seed beads are also available and they are mostly used in beading expensive beading projects. They are often used as a space on glass and gemstone beads. Furthermore, silver and gold plated seed beads are used for beading elegant jewelries. Handling these beads can be easy with the right tools and technique. Here are some complete overviews about beading with the use of seed beads.

Using seed beads for beading

Stringing these beads can be very tricky if the person is not aware about the proper techniques in threading. The most conventional method of threading seed beads through any beading wire is through the use of a blunt needle that is specifically made for beading. Clear eye and hand coordination is really a big factor in threading seed beads since the beads can be very small and some would often use magnifying glasses to clearly see the beads. However, there are ways to hasten the beading process of seed beads. A bead spinner is used to easily hook each bead. This works because of the rotating motion of a curved needle which is situated to where the beads are placed. This is a very effective way of decreasing the time spent in beading with seed beads. Most often, seed beads are used in making multi strand beading projects because of their size. This require bead makers to create four to five various strands of seed beads that would take some time the thread using conventional beading technique. Overall, seed beads are ideal for making beginner's beading project because they are easy to acquire and simple to bead.

Beading accessories with seed beads

Ranging from multi strand beaded accessories to long bead loom, seed beads are the most popular type of beads because of their versatility. In using seed beads for beading different accessories, different bead stitching is required. These stitches would form a bulk of strand made entirely from seed beads. They are very elegant and best for making bracelet and necklaces. The same technique in beading is still applied with the use of a multi strand clasp and crimps to secure the whole strand. Overall, there are different beading variations of seed beads. Bead books offers tutorials and some detailed steps on how to start beading with the use of seed beads.

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